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Museum News  

October 7, 2003


This has taken more than two years to do; almost three years! With this new home, the New Jersey Radio Museum is on it's way!  Thank you for your support and please spread this message to your friends in the business.

(Update: The museum will, in October, test it's transmitters on several frequencies, both AM and FM in Dover NJ at the Museum location.)

Several well-known local radio personalities have already committed to speak at the museum! (yes you know them!)

During the past 3 years in working on this project I have contacted better than 400 NJ radio people, past and present and it is amazing how many radio stations have little or no interest in our project! It is important for the museum that as many radio people are involved to any extent as is possible.

PLEASE spread the word!

Post it, talk about it, write your friends.


Press Release


PO Box 609

Dover, New Jersey 07802-0609

Press Release 10/02/03




DOVER- The Dover Area Historical Society will finally get a place to call "home." It will finally be able to unpack all the artifacts and belongings that have been stored away for the past 26 years.

On Tuesday, October 21 at 7pm, the historical society will sign a 25 year lease with the First Presbyterian Church of Dover for use of a former doctor's house as a museum and headquarters.

Historically known as the Dr. Arthur W. Condict house (c. 1900), the building is located next to the church at 55 West Blackwell Street.

Following the signing ceremony, which will be held inside the church at 51 West Blackwell Street, there will be a reception along with tours of the house.

The house will remain the property of the church, however, the long-term lease will be awarded to the historical society provided the necessary repairs and improvements are made during an initial 10 year period.

After that, a review process will take place every five years for the continuation of the lease.

The Dover Area Historical Society has been homeless since 1977, losing its original museum site at the Bonnieview mansion near Hurd Park.

The society has since been holding its monthly meetings at various locations around town.

The former doctor's house has three floors of space with twelve individual rooms plus a large basement and attic.

The first floor will be used for displays and showcases with a small gift shop.

The second will be used for meetings and classrooms for school children to visit and learn of the town's history and conduct research.

The third floor will be used for offices and house the newly established New Jersey Radio Museum (NJRM), a showcase of New Jersey radio stations, featuring Dover's former WRAN and the current WMTR and WDHA.

The historical society will initially be looking for individuals and organizations that will pledge to cover the cost of repairing and improving one room in the house.

In return, that room will be named after that individual or group with a plaque mounted on the wall. Several individuals may team up and pool their resources to repair a room.

For more information, call 973-366-0629.

For further information please contact: George Laurie/Trustee/Chairman of Museum Committee 973-361-6205



To become a member of NJRM, please mail a membership check in the amount of $15.00 made out to and sent to:

Carl Van Orden
35 Cherry Hill Road
Lot 6
Honesdale, PA 18431

Send airchecks, memorabilia, articles, pictures to the same address.

Send email to:



To make a general donation, send to:

Carl Van Orden
35 Cherry Hill Road
Lot 6
Honesdale, PA 18431

Please note on your check's memo line: NJRM.

To make a donation of equipment, please email: to arrange for accommodating the equipment.

Donations of online material (airchecks, pictures, etc) can be transferred via the NJRM FTP server. Please email: for complete details.



Rich Phoenix: President NJRM

George Laurie: General Secretary NJRM

Charles Blanding: VP Programming/Engineering

Jim George: VP Central Jersey

 John Yanagi: VP web

Dick Taylor: VP

Lew White: VP Advertising

Al Cocchi: VP



Do you, or anyone you know, work in NJ radio, either now or in the past? Do you want to make a donation? looking for you!  Please contact us!